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Investing in Real Estate and then renting out the property to others is a good way of earning from your investment. There is a continued influx of expatriates and migrant workers to Abu Dhabi who may be looking for work, attending a business conference or just visiting the emirate. Short term rental arrangements may be made for periods as short as a day to a week to a number of months. Longer term rentals are made with people who have got a job in the UAE and are looking for a place to stay and live in. Rents may be taken in advance, for six months to a year. A series of predated checks are usually made and given to the landlord to present through a bank. A rental agreement may also be made indicating the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Property Shop Investment makes it easy to rent apartments in Abu Dhabi, get Apartments for Rent in Abu Dhabi or have room for rent in Abu Dhabi. We can help solve your problems concerning property rental in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi apartments rent or villas rental in Abu Dhabi. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.

At Property Shop Investment we aim to assist our customers in getting the best rental rates while leasing their properties. The process is made simple and easy with the assistance of our able partners. You can start by filling in the details of our form which is quite easy and self explanatory. For details of square footage, please consult the sale/purchase agreement, ownership certificate from the builders or any other such documentation.

Once these details are posted along with your contact number, our representative will contact you at an agreed time and date. He or she may also survey the property, make an assessment and evaluation. If you find it acceptable, we can go further and list your property on our website, where it is sure to be seen by interested and serious minded buyers. You need not worry even if the property is not fully paid up, for we can assist in refinancing if needed.

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