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Mediterranean Village

Mediterranean Village - Al Reef - Abu Dhabi


Mediterranean Village Overview

Villas in the Mediterranean Community seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces to enable maximum enjoyment of the terrace and garden areas, which are central to the Mediterranean lifestyle.

These villas effectively combine natural colors and a material palette that includes terra cotta tiles, timber and plaster features. Arranged around the Town Square, a vibrant mixture of specialty retail outlets, hypermarket, and other community facilities will be open to all residents. There will also be a school, health club, medical center, and mosques to care for the mind, body and spirit of Al Reef's residents. The arched openings, molding-framed windows, and timber shutters are assembled into a stylish architectural composition that is elaborating the cultures that have developed on the edges of the sea.

The central square in the community will also be the site of fun weekend outdoor activities, providing extensive public car parking facilities and drawing crowds to shop and socialize all year round. Central a/c and private pools are also catered.

Unit Types

2 Bedroom Apartment

3 Bedroom Apartment

4 Bedroom Apartment

5 Bedroom Penthouse

Built-up Area

1832 - 2424 sq.ft.

2424 - 2454 sq.ft.

2424 - 2858 sq.ft.

3749 - 3749 sq.ft.

Floor Plan






4 Bedroom Villa

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