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If you are moving to Abu Dhabi or any other part of the UAE to look for work, accommodation is one of the key problems that have to be solved. It may be possible to make an advance booking through your trusted travel agent, or even online, but you are never sure that what is promised is what you will get. However, while hotel accommodation is the best alternative for short stays, once you get a job you will want to get less expensive accommodation and for a longer term period, at least a year. Abu Dhabi apartments meet this objective. You can rent a flat in Abu Dhabi or apartment in Abu Dhabi at a reasonable rate. Rents in Abu Dhabi may be taken in advance, for six months to a year.. A series of predated checks are usually made and given to the landlord to present through a bank. A rental agreement may also be made indicating the rights and responsibilities of each party. Also there are area’s in Abu Dhabi offers free hold investment and lease hold.

If you are a newcomer or reallocating in Abu Dhabi – UAE or at a total loss about how to go about getting an apartment in Abu Dhabi for rent, please contact us and we will be sure to help you. There are many nice places to rent apartment in Abu Dhabi and buy apartment in Abu Dhabi.

Al Reem Island is a significant development in Abu Dhabi whom residents and tenants enjoy a unique lifestyle. There are many brand new properties for rent and properties for sale in sky tower, Sun tower, tala tower, RAK tower, marina blue, marina heights and Ocean Terrace.

Al Raha Beach is one of those nice places where there are a group of sub communities still under construction; however, the completed one is Al Bandar which offers waterfronts apartments with magnificent view.


In addition Al Reef Development is another place to live in. There are Al Reef Apartments in Al Reef Down town with affordable prices to rent apartment or even buy apartment in Abu Dhabi.

Our experienced partners have expertise in locating apartments in Abu Dhabi, estimating Abu Dhabi apartments rent, searching for Abu Dhabi rent apartment, looking at apartments for rent Abu Dhabi, procedures for rent apartment Abu Dhabi, negotiating rent apartments in Abu Dhabi, and finalizing apartments for rent in Abu Dhabi. You may have a range of choices when it comes to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi. You may find a small studio that will suit you if u were living alone in RAK Tower, tala tower or sun tower. Also, you may find an apartment in Abu Dhabi that contains one bedroom and a bathroom with a small kitchen and maybe a parking with a district or central A/C like in Al Bandar in Al Raha Beach. Also, if you have a small family you may want to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi that contains two small or vast bedrooms with their bathrooms (master) or separated bedroom and bathroom in Ocean Terrace or in Al Reef apartments. It may be provided by a kitchen, parking and a maid room.

Also, you may want to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi that contains three bedrooms and three bathrooms with an additional maid room and a vast kitchen and a parking lot in marina heights. Also Property Shop Investment may find you some bigger apartments to rent in Abu Dhabi like four bedrooms to rent in Abu Dhabi or five bedrooms to rent in Abu Dhabi.

All of that will be provided to you through Property Shop Investment that will help you to find a living in Abu Dhabi that suits you and your family because Property Shop Investment is considered as one of the important real estate companies that are founded in Abu Dhabi. With Property Shop Investment as your partner, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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