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Addax Tower

Addax Tower City of Lights in Al Reem Island - Abu Dhabi


Addax Tower City of Lights - Overview

Rising like a colossus high above Al Reem Island, The Addax Port Office Tower is the first and only 100% commercial tower on Al Reem Island. As one of the few permitted commercial towers on the island and the first 100% commercial Tower in Abu Dhabi, the Addax Port Office Tower will be the epicenter of business regionally. As well as an ultra modern facade, the interior design is the pinnacle of convenience and luxury with intelligent workspaces that may be utilized by both the new employee and the CEO. The Addax Port Office Tower's intelligent design has been engineered to effectively fulfill every potential commercial need. In addition to the 16 car parking bays designated for every floor, infrastructural designs have allowed for the incorporation of high end pantries for each office and 6 carefully positioned bathrooms pre floor. Each of the 68 floors of the tower provide uninterrupted panoramic views of Abu Dhabi and the sparkling Arabian Gulf as well as views to the beautifully landscaped gardens of the Addax Port Office Tower. The typical floor plan consist of over 17, 689 Sq. ft. or 1,644 Sq.m. (Net Area) and over 22,445 Sq. ft or 2,086 Sq. m. (Gross Area).

The Addax Port Office Tower office spaces are rapidly being sold out to the established international and local firms due to the limited time left to purchase at pre-launch prices. Price increases for every other floor by AED 5 per Square foot. 99 years Lease holds will be provided for the investors of all nationalities. At ADDAX Port you can live and work while enjoying the sensational waterfront location in its own private bay on Al Reem Island. The four uniquely designed residential towers combine luxurious lifestyle and thriving entrepreneurship. This new business ecosystem affirms Abu Dhabi's reputation of a successful hub for international enterprises. Addax Port is Abu Dhabi's first and only 100% commercial office tower, rising like a colossus high above Al Reem Island at the Addax Port. The stunning commercial Tower has a total amount of 68 ergometricly designed typical floors. A composition of modern design intelligent office spaces are available in a variety of distinct plans and sizes. 99 years Leaseholds will be provided for investors of all nationalities.

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